Wake Me Up (2016)

"Sometimes we struggle to wake up. Sometimes we struggle to fall asleep. Sometimes we struggle to make the transition at all."


My graduation film for my final year at university, Wake Me Up has been one of my more personal projects. The film explores the experiences of a number of people who claim to suffer from sleep paralysis, including myself, members of my family, close friends, and some people whom I had never met. With several hours of recorded interviews, I carefully condensed them into a single 3 minute episode that brushed upon as many areas of the experience as possible.


Sleep paralysis in the simplest of terms is the inability to move as normal either when falling asleep or waking up. During this time, the person is usually in a sleep-like state and may hallucinate, seeing and hearing things that do not exist and are more often than not quite horrific.


The main aim for the film was to bring attention to the phenomenom for both those who suffer and those who do not. I wanted to present visuals and evoke an atmosphere that could relate to those who have had similar experiences and allow them to recognise that they were not alone - approximately 6% of people suffer from sleep paralysis regularly. Additionally, I wanted to illustrate to those less familiar with the ordeal what we go through during a typical episode, and just how terrifying it can be.