Freelancer animator specialising in 2D and motion graphics. Prominent dabbler of numerous other things I believe to be useful.

I work primarily in After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop, though I have been known to occasionally go rogue.

Once believed Fine Art was my calling until I showed up at my first lecture and was promptly enlightened about why a glass of water was in fact, an oak tree. The following day I went next door and instead proceeded to spend a year making stop motion animations, utilising my bedroom wall and a camera balanced on a stack of books.


Captivated with my newfound love of repeatedly resticking paper on a surface with blu-tac, I followed on with a further 3 years of animation at UCA, obtaining a piece of card printed with my name and qualifying me to make a living out of it.


And it's been a blast. From MIFA pitch trailers to menacing mice music videos, fabulous football features and "just please wear your safety hat" skits, it has been a wondrous journey. I have been fortunate to work on projects involving major names suchlike Unilever, Carling, Sky Sports, Coral, and the NHS among others.

Whether as part of a team or flying solo, I strive to adapt to those I work with and exceed expectations to provide the highest quality of work my capabilities allow. Each new venture is an opportunity to learn something unknown, to discover a new technique, a new perspective or even just a new shortcut; and hopefully connect with fantastic people along the way.